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At Body2Soul Yoga we practice Yoga in its entirety, there by not limiting its benefits only to the physical self. We practice yoga for self-development which includes working on mind,body,breath and emotions.

Working on the self through the self.The union of anatomy and the wisdom from yogic philosophy blended with the asana’s (postures) invites possibilities for physical and mental explorations which can be blended in everyday life with ease.This holistic approach makes every practice an inspiration to stay inspired.

Essence of Body2Soul Yoga
Yoga in Hofheim

Why Yoga?

The everyday life is becoming uniquely challenging, the “to-do” list exceeding the number of hours, a day could possibly accommodate. Long working hours, fewer vacations,  faint presence of uninterrupted family time, the continuous struggle to meet the set priorities all this leaves us with less or no “me time” and  at times we get “stressed” as we don’t “find” sufficient time to be with ourselves to completely relax, refresh and rejuvenate.


If we listen, the body communicates by way of - tensed shoulders and stiff muscles, the mornings when we optimally use the snooze function on the mobile just to get those “extra” minutes of sleep and often there are days of over dependency on “stimulants” like caffeine and nicotine for a short lived dose of energy boost.

Our lives move faster and we continue to follow each day with shallow breaths and rushed moments.

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