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Class Description

All our classes are classical Hatha based.The methods of Hatha Yoga are over 5000 years old.It has been practiced and authentically passed on through the Nath Lineage. 


All the classes are a balanced combination to strengthen your body,build flexibility and 

challenge the mind. Pranayama’s (special breathing techniques ) and Practices of Pratyahara and Dharana add a unique finesse to our classes.


Activate and Align- Postures in this class will primarily focus on anatomy, aligning your body appropriately to derive maximum benefits from postures practiced.Proper alignment activates the right muscles,de-stresses the body, increases your energy levels and muscle strength.A recommended class for anyone who is wishing to optimise their health and well being.



Hatha Power- Power up your practice, get sweaty, develop strength, get toned and detoxify your body through this vigorous practice.



Body2Soul Flow- This is an intension based class designed with a perspective of understanding the insightful wisdom of Hatha Yoga.After all the practices and principles that have stood the test of time has something to offer to everyone.This class is for anyone who wishes to deepen their practice on all levels.All levels are welcomed



Restorative- Get ready to unwind and deeply relax yourself.Restorative practice has healing benefits on various system’s of your body(nervous, endocrine, muscular).Each pose is held for a longer duration with the use of props.Regular practice of restorative yoga will make your body less vulnerable to stress related, fast paced lifestyle illness.



Gentle Balance- Its a class of mini sequence’s designed to develop endurance and stamina while detoxifying your body and deepening your moment to moment awareness. The step by step approach of this class is preferred by beginner’s, people recovering from an illness/injury or by anyone who wishes to slow down the pace to “rest and digest”( a parasympathetic activity where healing and regeneration occurs).




Location - Currently holding classes at various locations in Singapore.


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