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Introduction to Haripath, What it is and my contemplation and reflection's.

As a kid, I have grown up seeing my grandfather reading Haripath, daily! and I can safely quote that he was one of the calmest ~ contented beings I have came across, not that he didnt have things to complain but the resilience through which he faced them warms my heart even today and this strenghthens my faith in this scripture even more.

One can call it a coincidence or synchronicity that after almost two decades this classical scripture came my way as a gift from my Teacher, my Guru.

As I am reading this scripture, Haripath, I wanted to share its beautiful, sane, inspirational energy with You all.

So who is Saint Dnyaneshwar and what is Haripath?


Dnyan + Ishwar = Dnyaneshwar. Dnyan meaning knowledge that leads to wisdom and Ishwar means the supreme being.

Dnyaneshwar was born in the 13th century and was second of the four siblings. Loving he was called Dnyanoba or Mauli. Dnyanoba was initiated on the path of self-realization by his elder brother Nivruttinath.

At the tender age of 21, when Dnyaneshwar felt that his purpose in this life was fulfilled, he dropped his physical body.

Even today the varkari sect, sing his devotional poems for their beloved.


Haripath is a collection of devotional poetry (abhang) written by Saint Dnyaneshwar, explaining the significance of Naamsmaran (remembering the name of the almighty).

But how does one actually go about it? Does one remember the almighty or the universal consciousness, only when in need of help or as trade-off, if this wish is fulfilled then I will do this in return or remember him/it once in a while?

Dnyaneshwar says Naamsmaran is the simplest method to reach the divine or the divinity that resides within each one of us. It says, consider Lord, form or formless, as YOUR's, as someone whom You truly love, unconditionally!

If our empirical or physical senses, could fill us with ever lasting fulfillment, living would be a pleasurable experience, 24/7! , but is that the case?

Saint Dnyaneshwar, in his noble way, shares and guides us through the method of Naamsmaran, through which he realised his True Self.

May the love in our hearts guide us towards light!


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