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Experiencing the glimpses of union that Yoga speaks of

By definition the sanskrit word YOG for Yoga means being in union. Creating the best possible circumstances for the best possible possibility, in the now. not today. not tomorrow. or for what it was yesterday. The practice of generating moment to moment awareness based on the internal feedback mechanism.

During my younger years, I remember practicing surya namaskar’s to raise funds for charity. Before the break of the dawn, starting to walk to meet friends from school to the event venue. All of us practicing along with the instructions of the teacher. I didn't even have a proper yoga mat but participating in charity and raising funds did feel very good.

Often on Sunday’s me and my father practiced shirshasan(headstand). I was intrigued by this whole idea of “standing on the head”. Placing a towel under my head and my father used to assist me to lift my feet up against the wall.

Before going for the Yoga Teachers Training I had to brush up on my yoga “skills”. So to attune myself I signed up for the classes. There too it was only limited to outermost sheath of my being. Didn't excatly knew what I was looking for but for sure the practice felt incomplete.

During the course of Teacher’s training, our sunrise came in with two and half hours of practice. With each passing day, with every practice I was able to experience some feelings of calmness, some serenity and peace that I had not experienced ever before. not after a completion of a marathon or after earning a fat bonus as an investment banker. Running and earning well did feel good, but this was something deeper, something real, something independent. That which I never knew existed somewhere within me. In those calm silent moments I also met some of the challenges that required my conscious attention.

March 2012 was when this inward journey received a guided direction. There are so many aspects of ourself that remain untouched. Untouched in our daily confusion’s and busyness. Its not that there wasn't a longing for peace and wellbeing. But the need of fulfilment is met, if one is looking in the appropriate direction. Reading the positive~inspirational quotes, had its effect lasting no more than a rainbow.

It’s not that we as human’s haven't experienced serenity, peace, freedom, joy, bliss. The challenge is when it comes to sustenance.

The beauty of this path is its available to everyone. And the fact is, along with the physical body there are other layers of our being which require our loving attention, isn't it? We just have to make ourself available. After all how many practices are truly available to nurture your body and mind wellbeing?

The 72” / 182 cm mat awaits your attention for a truly empowering journey, within. Are You ready?

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