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From Mistakes to Mindfulness

To err is human. To keep erring is _________ ?

Mistake often happens when one is functioning in a mechanical mode. In a mechanical mode there is less attention paid towards the action. When a person functions in a mechanical mode there is a gap between the action and the doer of that action, meaning, the physical self (the body) is engaged in a particular action, the mind is engaged in chain of thoughts and the inhales and exhales of breath are just happening (because they anyways keep happening even if we do not pay attention to it).

Mechanical mode exposes one to more stress as the mind is always occupied. Mistakes or a pattern of behaviour which leads to disappointments can occur in relationships, at work place, while driving, cooking or while performing any kind of action. 13th century saint, poet, yogi and philosopher Sant Dyaneshwar, mentions in Haripath that 'chitta nahi nami tari te vyarta', meaning if you are not present in the action with your complete mindfulness, the action becomes futile.

So what can be done to minimise mistakes and maximise mindfulness?

Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita explains 'Yoga is skill in action'. The classical definition of Yoga means to unite, unite mind, body and breath so they function as one unit. If the path of yoga is treaded in a particular manner, one begins to understand one self and their surroundings in a profound manner and begins to experience less of mechanical mode, confusion, stress, dullness and negativity. Moreover this definition of yoga is apt for multi tasking urban dwellers. If only one functions with their complete awareness and with mindfulness, the chances of making the same mistakes would be minimised. To own your mistake takes a whole lot of courage as it requires courageous willingness and silencing the ego. New mistakes happen when venturing out of the comfort zone but if the same mistakes are repeated, are we missing learning lessons from our mistakes? To err is human. To keep erring would be_________?

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