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Mrudul is a mother of two and a yoga teacher who aims at blending  yogic teachings with holistic life skills in her daily life. She has always been an athletic with a keen sense of physical awareness.

After moving to Singapore she got certified as a Fitness Trainer to get a structured view of what she was always passionate about i.e. the abilities of  human body. After experiencing the benefits from her practice as a Fitness trainer, she decided to walk on the path of integrated wellness, this time not limiting it to “just” on the physical level but a deeper mind-body synchronicity. It was natural for her to turn to Yoga, as a mind-body integration because of her Indian roots. After being initiated  by her Guru, Sri Prasad Rangnekar  on the path of Self Realization; spreading love and light through Yoga, the transition from  a yoga practitioner to a Yoga teacher was rewarding.

A believer in Karma, a natural law of cause and effect, which governs the lifecycle she continues with her learning, research and sharings.

Her spiritual journey

Translating satisfaction into happiness by buying a new dress, a car, a bigger house with a better view somehow seems to be a bring in perishable peace. Gradually with time and usage we don’t seem  derive the same level of  satisfaction. The same "new" dress now is a season old; we now have our new  favourite colour. The car now is less performing  and there are “better” performing cars in the market. The search for a house with a fancy pin code as an extension of status symbol is on.

In the face of ever changing reality what is it that transcends the limited, perishable existence, what is it that is permanent, unconditional; what is it that is absolute.

Since my early days there was a knowing that divine in various name is one  universal energy which is omnipresent. This understanding helped me in submitting the self  with devotion  during my visits to various houses of  worship.

At the age of  14 my Mother registered me to learn and understand Bhagavad Gita, a spiritual dictionary emphasing on ethical and moral struggles of human life, a guide to know the swadharama (one’s own duty), the importance of selfless action and the mention of Yoga to achieve the desired balance into our daily living . It sowed a seed for further spiritual exploration. Praying and praising the lord through sholkas and chanting the accurate mantras guided in a deeper understanding  of  the divine beauty invoking the peace within.


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